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ALBUM 1992

Mick Cox called always referred to this album as ‘The Italian Job ‘as it was recorded both in England and the land of food. Mick who had worked with both Van Morrison, and Jimi Hendrix, took charge of the production. He applied his mercurial,fluid guitar liberally over a solid collection of Lee’s songs.
It was the first of many projects Lee was to record at the ‘Room With A View’ studio in the south of England.
The truly hot rhythm section Paul Beavis (drums) and Chris Childs (bass), drive the songs with a true sense of ‘This must be done’. Mick’s arrangements are slick and musically intelligent. The title track is a fast paced snap shot of the darker side of the modern world. ‘Cold Raining Sunday’; and ‘Walk in the Sunshine’,are the kind of sharp unsentimental love songs Lee has made his own. ‘Too close To the Fire ‘is a sophisticated and strangely joyful album.
New State 51
Read all the books we bought together
I think that I’m ready to begin.
You gave me paper and ink
You gave me time to think
And I think I’m ready to begin
Started to look like you
Started to act like you
Said this is all to simple to be real
My arms are strong hands are steady
Tell me where is the work.

This Island life is good and over
I think I’m ready to get out
Got all the times of the boats from Dover
This time I’m leaving there can be no doubt.
You started to look like her
Started to act like her
Sick of that face on my TV screen
She got me wound up like a spring
Ready for her or anything
Tell me where is the work

We shouldn’t practice love on the living
Look at the mess I made of you
Took everything you where giving
There should be some kind of law against the things I do
Baby it’s over now baby it’s over now
I leave you this green and pleasant land
And I hope you’re strong
Hope you’re ready for life in your new state 51.
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