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The God Given Right recorded at Bray Studios in two weeks
The title track one of Lee’s most powerful. It features Jimmy Hall on guitar and the brilliant Jan Schelhaas on hammond organ and piano. The album has a great live quality, sounds like a good gig. Together in Heat, and
I Remember You re-worked, appear on the new collection London Clay.
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Bold thrilling often breathtakingly assured, Lee Fardon’s second album carries more concentrated emotional punch lines than probably any record since Elvis Costello’s ‘Get Happy! hit the deck and set these senses reeling with its vivid documentation of love on the line. Forget all the bogus claims being made else where: The God given Right really is music of quality and distinction. Its part of Lee Fardon’s life that deserves to become a part of yours.
Allan Jones Melody Maker
Fardons second album builds awesomely on those early strengths. The trouble is that Fardons currently offering an unfashionable brand of rock music: Laceratingly honest lyrics tied to irresistible Richard Thomson, Fardon is capable of writing songs that strip away the layers of insensitivity that get you through the day. Like no other album save the Thomson’s ‘Shoot out the lights’. Fardon’s ‘God Given Right’ makes you think about just what rock and roll is capable of. Makes you think about yourself. It makes you realise the power of a certain combination of words and music, of how it can clarify those garbled thoughts.
Patrick Humphries Melody Maker
The God Given Right

Maybe in a forest
Maybe in a contest,
Maybe in a dark and dirty room
Maybe in a French town
Maybe in a long gown
or painted in a dim Egyptian tomb,

That’s where another soul lays down his hope
in the God given right to love.

I search my bed for evidence
of a visitation
I’m sifting through the dust of our decay,
Come lay your healing hands on me,
Let’s be tourists in Turin to see,
the stain of pains display,

and where another soul lays down his hope
in the God given right to love.

I stop and look around me,
at the illusion that surrounds me,
I stop and watch you turn and walk away,
the evidence is fiery
it burns itself inside of me,
I tremble for the one who could not stay
To watch another soul lay down his hope
in the God given right to love.

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