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Stories of Adventure the first album was recorded at Rockfield Studios in Wales, in the time of the bad winter.
Lee’s backing band the Legionnaires were with him as was
Fritz Fryer the producer. No songs from this album appear on the new collection London Clay.
Scanning fraught emotional landscapes with a brawling intensity and a fierce disregard for sentimental disguises, Lee Fardon’s debut album whips off the bandages, tears at its wounds, lands bleeding on the deck; a victim of its own nightmare vision...learning to live with it might be uncomfortable, but I have a feeling it might it might prove essential.
Allan Jones Melody Maker
Stories of Adventure
Don’t relate your stories of adventure
a mandolin and a moon that keeps rising
I have carried water to the pitcher
the desert burns but still I remain.
Cracks and wires I watch them come together
once held apart but now there the same
there’s small repairs I know I should be making
but energy’s been used remembering my name.
But it’s all there in the moment
to be captured for this outlet.
Watching out for callers from the window
they arrive but they disappear in groups
Friends are made and I am the attraction
A fun day out? I hope the door will hold
I can see your cards are still arriving
Cards aren’t made for where I am today
Suntan oil has covered up the address
words like truthful have covered up the man you're with.
But it’s all there in the moment to be captured for this outlet.
I have set a fuse that burns forever
A threat I know I never shall keep
it runs from here to where I’m being clever
All the way to where you have your back turned
Still I see you sitting in your villa
the white is rare and the blue is a shock
Your boyfriend’s man carries a shot gun
write and tell me if I’m dreaming it or not.
The hard baked road runs down to the water
The donkey has a knowing eye
He’ll watch you paying off the daughter
of the old man as you pass her by.
You think its you that that caused her blindness
Its this that keeps you locked out here
But there’s eyes behind those mirrored glasses
The sun is cruel to eyes that will stare at her.
Don’t relate you stories of adventure.
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