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Lee was asked to record a collection of his songs in a simple back to the bone style production. London Clay features some fine acoustic instrumentalists. This new album of songs is the essence of lee’s writing. Including four new tracks London clay is available NOW...
Tracks Include:
1. Songs of Plunder
2. Maria and the Writer
3. Everything
4. The Sheriff & His Sister
5. Day by Day
6. The Builders Song
7. The Devils Question
8. Summer 76
9. Talk To Me
10. Together In Heat
11. I Remember You
Price includes Post & Packing to anywhere.



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The God Given Right
This is a digital download of the original album The God Given Right recorded at Bray Studios in two weeks.The title track is one of Lee’s most powerful. It features Jimmy Hall on guitar and the brilliant Jan Schelhaas on hammond organ and piano. The album has a great live quality, sounds like a good gig. Together in Heat, and I Remember You re-worked, appear on the new collection London Clay.

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This is digital download of the old album Compassion, including all tracks as MP3

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The Journeys End
"Bear Me Away", "The Journeys End" & "Off & It", at one time this 3 track collection would have been known as an EP. I reworked Bear Me Away, because I was never happy with the version on "The Savage Art Of Love". I rerecorded these songs a few years ago, by the way "Off & It" is the street call of a local junk man.

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This is digital download of the singles album Palestine, including all 3 tracks as MP3.

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Too Close To The Fire
Mick Cox called always referred to this album as ‘The Italian Job ‘as it was recorded both in England and the land of food. Mick who had worked with both Van Morrison, and Jimi Hendrix, took charge of the production. He applied his mercurial,fluid guitar liberally over a solid collection of Lee’s songs. All tracks MP3

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Stories Of Adventure
Stories of Adventure the first album was recorded at Rockfield Studios in Wales, in the time of the bad winter. Lee’s backing band the Legionnaires were with him as was Fritz Fryer the producer. All tracks MP3

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The Savage Art Of Love
The Savage Art maybe over produced, and of its time, never the less contains some good songs recorded at Shepperton Studios. The team of Jimmy Hall and Jan Schelhaas add their class and feel. The album features Maria and the Writer, which has finally been re-Recorded as it was written for the new collection London Clay. All Tracks MP3

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This is digital download of the singles album Flatlands, including all 2 tracks as MP3. Flatlands and Together On The Sea